CEC wake up for android


I was using OSMC with RPi3 for a long time. The reason why I am using YATSE was that I was able to switch on the TV with one press of button (cec activate). I didn’t need the TV remote nor any other app to wake up the TV.
On Android devices like the Xiaomi TV Box S Kodi has no implementation of CEC which would make this possible.

My feature request is to add an option in the host configuration for android boxes which sends the cec activate signal to the box itself and not to kodi (or both?).
This should be possible because only the IP is necessary to do this and the IP is known to yatse if the host is configured.
Here is the api description:

On firetv it works with the firetv app and on the Xiaomi TV Box S it works with the Android TV Remote Control

or will this already work with the remote starter plugin?

Kodi is always on so I do not need to start it only wake up is important for me.

just saw that remote starter is only available in play store and not in amazon? so firetv will not work with it?


I’m sorry but this is not that simple :wink:

CEC it nothing IP related, it’s hardware on HDMI. You need to have something that listen to IP and convert.

Kodi can do that, on other device it require specific things. Most of the device once woke up send a CEC command that how Remove Starter work on Shield, but Yatse can’t send CEC command directly to anything.


Thanks for your anwser.
Sorry for the misunderstanding

Yes I know. But the information which an app needs to start the process is the IP. FireTV App and Android remote only know the IP and can start the process of waking up the TV.

This is what the Android devices do. They listen to a command via wifi from the remote app and switch on the TV.

Why not? Technically it should be possible.

Do you have any bounty program in place or how can I bribe :wink: you to think about this feature?


Read better those links.

In all cases it require a server part. Android TV server part is not public and the API is no more accessible. Fire TV may have something but it’s pure for it.

And it would not work for most of the Android Boxes.


Reading is one thing understanding an other :pensive:

Thanks for the clarification.