CEC activate and standby stopped working

Long time Yatse user here - many thanks for an excellent app! :slight_smile:
I’ve donated a couple of times under different Google accounts this is the first time I have ever needed to ask for help!

Power action menu > CEC Standby, CEC Activate and CEC Toggle state all stopped working.

I am not actually sure how to tell if this is even a Yatse issue (probably not lol), but the function I use is via the Remote control in Yatse, so I am really hoping someone can steer me in the right direction.

LibreELEC/Kodi latest on a RPi4b
HDMI > LG OLED (HDMI1 input)
HDMI 2 (ARC) on the LG TV > Yamaha RX-A3020

Basic remote controls in Yatse all still work that’s both the directional arrows etc screen and the play/media playback screen. I also use the Yamaha AVR plugin and that still works for volume controls on the Yamaha AVR.

It doesn’t seem like an issue with CEC on either the TV OR the AVR from initial looking, my reason:
Nvidia shield pro plugged into a different TV HDMI input correctly wakes the TV & AVR if I press the Shield remote buttons and also sends both TV & AVR to sleep as well.

I’ve been through options on the TV, the AVR, Kodi, LibreELEC trying to find which one may have stopped working, and I am at a loss to know where to find it, can anyone offer some advice or insight please?
I haven’t included logs as I do not think there is anything necessarily “broken” as such.

It occurs to me there are so many possibilities for what may have changed:
Yatse app update
Android phone update
Kodi update
LibreELEC update
TV (webOS) update

Has anyone else seen this or knows where I should focus my looking ?
All ideas gratefully received, cheers!

And yet as the template says logs are MANDATORY. I really wonder what I need to do for people to understand.

It have Android version Yatse version Yatse settings and everything needed to be able to answer any questions.

Without them all I can say is that there’s nothing broken in Yatse, you may have updated Kodi and disabled EventServer. And logs would have instantly told if the issue what on Yatse settings or not.

So please provide the logs ? :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks for your reply, noted and logs attached!
debug-20221113_091939.zip (2.5 KB)

Only functions I chose during this debug log generation were:
CEC Activate, then CEC Toggle state, then CEC Standby (then exited debug mode/close logs)

I will look into Kodi EventServer, thanks.
If that service stopped running though, wouldn’t Kodi stop accepting ALL remote input commands?
As noted - I can still use all the regular direction pad remote controls in Yatse, along with media playback controls with out any issue.
I can ALSO continue to use my Microsoft MCE IR remote control - without any issue, all standard control button in the generic keymap file for a MCE IR remote seem to work fine.


Ok, I thought I better reply here to say “sorry for wasting your time!” because (as I suspected right from the start) this was never a problem with Yatse…

It’s working again now.
What did I do to make it work?
I turned EVERYTHING off at the wall mains power (not just standby).
The RPi, the TV, the AVR (and all the other devices in the rack as well) - all fully powered off.

I had of course already restarted the TV and the AVR and the RPi numerous times, but thinking about it, realised it was never all 3x at the SAME time. So while the HDMI CEC still seemed to work fine for eg Nvidia Shield and also for my Oppo UDP, perhaps there was some kind of “rubbish” stored in the handshake to the RPi?
I don’t pretend to know how that area works, but - ALL OFF at the wall resolved this issue.

Many thanks for your efforts with an excellent app and case closed :slight_smile:

Logs confirmed no issue from Yatse :wink:

This is 98% of the time the case :stuck_out_tongue:

Speedy checking thanks, and see my new confession :wink:
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