Casting twitch from Android to Kodi

I am using LibreElec 8.2.5 and I have the latest addon installed. When trying to share a video stream via Yatse, nothing happens. I turned on Kodi debugging and got the following log:

I posed the question to the developer of the twitch addon and this was their response:

It appears that they are using version 1 routes.
Live streams should be: plugin://$CHANNELNAME
Videos should be: plugin://$VIDEOID

Could this issue be looked into supporting the newer version?

Well you are missing a large part of those logs :slight_smile:

And most important the Yatse one’s.
To have the best experience with Yatse and share it is more than recommended to install Yatse Addon:

I’m pretty sure all will works without any issue if you install it :wink:

Well now I feel stupid. Installing the Yatse addon worked beautifully! Thank you so much!

No problem, I should probably advertise more for that Addon :slight_smile:

Just sent a donation your way. Been meaning to for a while now since this is such an amazing app. Thanks again for all of your work through the years.

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Is it broken now? I can’t share videos from the Twitch app to Kodi using the Add-on

@zerf don’t post random comment on random thread without any information :slight_smile: