Casting to Fire TV - expected behavior?

Hi All,
I have a Toshiba Fire TV. When I am using the app with the FireTV plugin to Cast, I can see my Fire TV as an option. I can select it and it appears to be playing but nothing actually happens on my Fire TV. I’m wondering is there an app or something I must open on the Fire TV or does the video automatically pops up and play?

Edited : Added debug file (57.5 KB)

Well as the template says I need logs to be able to say anything else that it should work :slight_smile:

Edits don’t trigger notifications did not see you added the logs :wink:

Does it works with other media and not from some addons? It looks like your firetv stop answering when trying to play on it :frowning:

I did try streaming a local video file and the same behavior occurred. It definitely feels like it something on the Fire TV side. No big deal as I can still stream to the TV by having Kodi on the FireTV. Streaming to the Kodi app on the tv works just fine.

Do you see the fireTv reacting and changing it’s screen?

Does other apps can stream to it?

This is still strange, maybe there’s a firmware update to do on it?

There is absolutely no visible response. Some more evidence it may not possible by normal means on the fire enabled tvs is according to Amazon support, the tvs don’t even support screen mirroring. Your app is the only app that can even “find” the native fire tv and offer an option to stream to the tv.

Then maybe I should hide it too :frowning:

Will probably add more logs at some points to try to see how to detect those false devices and ask you them but not a priority sorry as there’s not much I can do :frowning:

Thanks Tolriq. I appreciate it. It’s really not an issue at all. I’m streaming to Kodi just fine which would be my preference anyways since I can change the playback speed. It doesn’t seem like these built tvs with firetv are not very popular yet. I’m traveling til first of Nov but I will be back at the tv then. I would be happy to help test things for you then.
FYI, maybe a little off topic but my TV with Roku built-in works perfect and has streamed everything I have thrown at it, including x265, which chromecast can’t.

Hey Tolriq, I’m finally back in front of the tv after a couple of months and I’m not sure what changed but it is working as expected now. I know the TV went through a software update when I started it up and of course your usual regularly updates to the app. I think Amazon fixed something on their end. At any rate the issue is resolved! Yay!

Fixing like it’s playing or it’s hidden? :slight_smile:

But yes something on their end I did nothing on my part :frowning:

It’s actually playing!

Ho nice :slight_smile: Thanks for the info.