Casting/Play Media - Yatse Pro etc




I want to know if the Yatse Pro/Unlocker supports following features:

  1. Full Mobile Screen Casting via Miracast or DLNA ?
  2. Casting Media from Android Apps such as Amazon Prime, Netflix etc. via link Share to kodi ??? and would i need additional kodi add-ons for such apps ?

Without chromecast or any other hardware wifi dongle.

Kindly let me know.

  1. No as it’s impossible and require root :slight_smile:
  2. Yes you’d need an addon and Kodi 18 and inputstream, this is not ready yet.


Thanks for reply.

  1. Root (on mobile) is not a issue for me. I can root. Few android apps that i tried allow DLNA screen casting (even without root).
  2. I am having latest Kodi on my rpi 3B with inputstream enabled.

My purpose is to watch movies/shows through android apps (Most of them don’t have a kodi add-on ) either via screen mirroring or cast/play/send the link to kodi.

I wanted to buy the pro version. Wish there were such features. Any other wayout you would suggest ?


Without root you can’t have sound so it’s kinda useless :slight_smile:

For the rest Yatse can only take shared urls and convert them to Kodi plugin ones, there’s no magic when you try to play protected copyrighted content. One day they’ll understand that all their DRM is useless and we can find all the media on internet and it’s just preventing us to use the content as we want :frowning:


Thanks. Yes, we can find most of the content on internet for free :slight_smile:

Anyway i really like your application.


Then you can still purchase the unlocker to ensure it’s future :wink:

Free apps without ads does not bring anything to the dev.


Sure…Will be purchasing shortly.