Cast from Youtube add-on


I was wondering if the following is even possible, and if so, how can it be done:
I am running Kodi 18 on a windows 10 pro computer. I usually use Yatse + VLC for streaming movies, series and music to my android devices, and I can do so without any problem (even via VPN).

But recently I installed the Youtube add-on in Kodi, and it works amazingly, as well as Yatse when acting as the remote control… however, when I try to use it for casting to my devices I get the following error:
“This media can not be played on a remote renderer. Check the FAQ for possible reasons”.

I was wondering if this would be even possible (my guess is that Kodi+Add-on, even though they are configured to act as client for Youtube, they cannot “bridge” the content to other devices - maybe API “limitations”?)

PS: One could wonder “why doing this so complicated when I could simply use the Youtbe application for Android if all I want is playing videos?”
There are two reasons:

  1. When the videos are music clips, I would like to simply turn off the phone screen and play the list. The “fantastic” youtube app stops the video if you turn-off the screen (and the same happens with youtube music)
  2. To skip the ads

Any help will be highly appreciated.

This is not possible as Kodi can’t proxy :slight_smile:

For your youtube issues, most people use Youtube vanced or similar apps.

I feared so :frowning:

Thank you very much for your quick answer.