Car mode (automation)

I would like to see an implementation of a car mode feature.

Basically this is what I had in mind:

  1. Dedicated icon in the title header menu (or it could be under power or player icon menus)
  2. Toggle Bluetooth on/off when car mode is started/stopped (configurable behavior in the settings, ex: don’t turn off BT for users that have it constantly turned on)
  3. Switch to local device player (and use the host that was selected prior to clicking on car mode icon)
  4. Possibly alter the UI with bigger icons (remove unnecessary ones) and add an icon for the phone’s default maps app; so that we could launch/switch to maps directly from Yatse.

Something along those lines would be awesome :wink:

Sorry but not plans for that. Yatse fully support Android Auto for that purpose :slight_smile:

You can use Android Auto without a compatible car, and can use Yatse API with all the many tools like tasker to do everything you want in one click or at Android Auto start.