Can't queue songs on Kodi and SPMC

A couple of months ago, queue next and queue stopped working for me. I can’t also play a folder filled with music from the files section.

I tried to upload the logs when posting, I’ll share a Google drive link

No access to file. .

It’s been granted now

What Kodi version do you use? (Better provide Kodi logs)

Kodi18. 6

Hisense smart TV (this is working perfectly)

I need Kodi logs, it returns an error that makes no sense + it seems you try to play music from video folders.

I’ve been trying to upload it directly here but can’t. Please use the Google drive link. Thank you for the swift response

The logs does not have JSON debug enabled on Kodi side.

And please describe exact steps to reproduce what you are doing.

I have uploaded more logs with JSON debug enabled (I hope I did it correctly).
My videos are saved on an FTP server, they don’t have problems queuing. My songs are saved on the internal storage (Android TV). As can be seen on the screenshots saved on the folder. Playing the songs from the file doesn’t start, playing all files on the file doesn’t work, queuing doesn’t work as well but the songs play individually if you open it.

I do not see the logs corresponding to play or queue.

Are you sure you reproduce the issue when logs are on?

And how do you reach the folder from Yatse? Do you use the music part and there’s a proper source inside Kodi ?