Can't find content in Jellyfin library

Be sure to read to provide necessary logs and information.

Issue description:
I added Jellyfin as host (Kodi is working fine), but when I save the config, I get a 404 error (see screenshot). The strange thing is that when I go to the advanced tab, I can choose which libraries I want to exclude (libraries which are listed are correct)

debug.log (44.4 KB)


Additional information:
Jellyfin v10.5.5
Yatse v10.2.5

The logs does not corresponds to this error, you need to reproduce it during logging.

And saving does not test anything, so I suppose you mean the test button?

And you can’t add host without having the wizard first connect and configure, are you trying to edit the kodi host to transform it in Jellyfin?

So if you can edit the host it was properly added before or you are editing the wrong thing and you should start fresh by adding the host.

I meant the ‘check’ button indeed.
I had an old Jellyfin host profile of the past and modified it. I’ll test with a new profile.

edit: ok adding it with a new profile solved it