Can't change storage location

I’ve just updated to android 5,
Tried to change default storage location from Settings->Advanced settings->advanced.
At this point yatse creates data folders ( /storage/extSdCard/Android/data/…F) but does not put anything into that folder.
and the next time i start the app the default storage location changes back to internal storage.
I’ve realized that file manager apps ask for some kind of permissions before they can have write access to external storage on android 5 but yatse asks for no such thingdebug.log (5.6 MB)

Android 5 does not support asking for permissions :wink:

You need to manually kill Yatse after changing the folder as it should ask you to.

Logs does not show any error, please provide new ones without full data sync and containing the Yatse restart after changing the cache folder.

Yatse restarts itself after changing the settings.
Recorded some video to show you what do i mean.
debug.log (37.5 KB)

The logs does not contains the data after the restart, and no as the message says on some devices this may not work so you may need to manually kill and restart it.

Please be sure to gather full logs that corresponds to the full length of the video.

Here is the full log for these steps:
start yatse -> change settings -> exit yatse -> start yatse -> browse library -> exit yatse -> starting yatse
debug.log (56.6 KB)

Now i’m playing with it a little bit, the weirdest thing happened, settings show internal as the default storage and the thumbnails are stored in the internal storage but offline music or video files are stored in external storage :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

This is really strange as the logs does not show the kill of Yatse.

Anyway the fact that both directories diverge shows a race condition at Glide init time, will try to workaround that for next release.

thank you
great app by the way
yatse is the main reason i’m still on android :grinning::grinning: