Can't change storage Cache

Hi, Hope you are fine?! Long time don’t have an issue with Yatse :wink:

I juste saw that i have exactly the same issue than Sajjad. I tried his solution but it doesn’t solve it.

I don’t really now since when i have this issue, but my Yatse doesn’t want to stay on my SD CARD “6135-3334”. So i uninstalled it, & installed again and same problem. When i browse my library the storage setting back on internal storage… And then because i copy the cache folder in my SD card to the new location, i can’t see posters & fanart etc… Because Yatse is looking for in an empty folder …

Thx for your Help and here is my log

Good Sunday

Excuse me i didn’t understand his final post …

So i have exactly the same weird phenomenon :smirk:

So now i will be patient for the next release … Sorry to disturb you for information already on your board

Thx for your time