Can't cast video from TV streaming app


I have a Dutch TV streaming app on my Android phone which I use to watch TV on, it’s called NLZiet.
When I select the share button on that app and send the video to Kodi, I am getting an error, playback failed, see the log for more details. In the log it only says unplayable video, but not whats wrong with it.
Is this because it is paid content? I can cast video’s from the YouTube app.

Thank you in advance.

If only there was a template that you could fill to give all the necessary information and logs :slight_smile:

Anyway it does not seems there’s support for that in an official Kodi addon or YoutubeDLP so this is normal.

Sorry for the lack of information, I did not had access to the log file when I wrote this.
But it seems that it is not possible with this app, thank you for your response.