Cannot see drag handles to reorder music playlist

Hi there,
I am sure I must be doing something silly, but I have created a smart music playlist using the app (random order). The list shows and it starts playing on kodi etc, but there are no drag / drop handles on the left of each song. The three dots are on the right, the art posters show on the left but no drag handles to reorder the list. From all the doco it seems this should be a standard thing. I have checked all interface settings but cannot find a setting to turn it on.

Everything else is working perfectly and I love the app, but I just cant figure out why I cannot reorder the playlist items. Using samsung galaxy note 10, full pro version.

Appreciate any suggestions

Smart playlists have dynamic content so you can’t manually order things that changes :slight_smile:

If you want manual order you need to use normal playlists.