Can you use Yatse on a Plex client?

It only detects my Plex server. I want to control the player like I do with Kodi.

If the clients are controllable from Plex webinterface then add your plex server and they will be accessible in the cast menu.

Plex clients are controlled from Plex server.

But can I control the volume and ff, rewind, etc? Not just the access to my files

What about trying to see ? :slight_smile:

No idea what is your client or Plex so can’t answer randomly.

I’m not going to waste money on something that doesn’t fucking work.

Thanks for your nice comment, but maybe that’s why there’s a fucking free trial?

Not talking about the fact that your fucking feature is not advertised anywhere so have no reason to fucking work?

Ho and of course if you use the app for free without ads for Kodi maybe you should fucking pay instead of posting fucking comments?

Hum you’re right using fucking helps a lot to feel better …

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