Can yatse play a movie from nas/pc

Just a quick question: can yatse play a video that is on a PC/NAS file share?


Lacks a lot of details to fully answer that :slight_smile:

Play where and accessed how? Yatse does not have direct SMB support but Kodi/Plex/Emby does support that perfectly.

Sorry about that. Let me clarify: I don’t have a media server just a file share.
From your answer it seems this is not possible, right?
That’s a pity.
The goal is eliminate all the hassle of getting your media to your tv through yatse and chromecast.

Well Yatse is a Kodi remote with support for Plex and Emby :slight_smile: It can’t be a pity that it does not do what it does not announce :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes currently this is not possible Yatse needs a media center (most can be installed on your NAS probably)

touche! :wink:

Any advice?

Jellyfin is a supported open source project that works like Emby, can serve your NAS file and cast to chromecast :slight_smile:

That’s interesting. I’m using plex on ubuntu in a vps to play on my phone using yatse. So I could use Jellyfin instead right? I mean, yatse works with Jellyfin?

The original question is more about playing movies on my PC without a media server. I was thinking about using yatse or some other video player on android that can access a file share.

Yatse works with JellyFin, but they are currently under many internal changes and have not made 100% certains statement about possible breaking :slight_smile: