Can Yatse can be in listen mode instead that I look for the mic button?


Can Yatse can be “in listen mode”… now I have each time to look for the mic button ?

It would be cool if this can be done if not may be an on/off switch somewhere ?

I have bougth Autovoice and Tasker if needed and I own a register Pro version of Yatse



Not possible from inside Yatse and won’t be added as it requires permissions that does not make sense for a remote.

Should be possible with tasker/Autovoice but you should ask on their forum as I’m not expert on those only basic usage :frowning:

ok cool thanks thatks for the quick response

did you assign a hotkey to the mic button ?

Yatse can be associated to the default assistant command, but there’s no concept of hotkeys on default Android :slight_smile:

You can use Yatse API from Tasker to do nearly everything.

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you are right! autovoice can be set in continus listening then it can pass the command to yatse.

Now i just now on how to figure out to define in autovoice a keyword like Kodi and when I say kodi, autovoice wake up and listen the command to send to yatse

ok I was able to se AutoVoice in continus listening mode for the word kodi, when the word is recognized the command I ask is send to yatse and it works like a charm

This YouTube video explain on how to do so:
using Autovoice to send commands to yatse

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