Can I use yatse to control my android set top box to play movies of my samba share?


I am looking for a way to make my android set top box (It is not android tv but android box that has kodi on it) play movies from my samba share on file level.

Now I browse to my incoming smb folder using the remote and select the file I like to play.

I would like to do this on my phone (since it would be much faster for me to get to the right files) and tell kodi the smb path to play.

I am not indexing any libraries in kodi and I do not want to. I just like to old school play my files.

googling arround I get the impression that yatse is very cool but needs a kodie server as backend cannot do this? I hope I am mistaken.
If it cannot is there any suggestion I might accompish this?

I bought chrome cast dongles and use them via vlc to play my files on teh samba share. Which works but since it is wifi they stop sometimes and vlc cannot sort file by date for some weird reason. So I went back to my android box that has a wired connection.



You can use file mode from Yatse with an smb source.

I do not really understand your need or at least what you think is missing.

Yatse is a remote for Kodi or Plex or Emby and require a backend to talk to.


File mode? That sounds like what I need.
I have kodi on a light weight android box like a t95 or x3. hardly any space on it. I use a file server where I put all my video files and I play them via smb. It is just something old school. I really do not like al the media library/indexing solutions out there. But normally you would put kodi on the file server too and have kodi talk to kodi?
Anyway it is troublesome navigating via the simple remote and the wireless keyboard and mouse are quirky. If I press back on the remote the hdmi switch I have changed input. IR signal conflict.
So I gues am not looking for a beter remote. But locate the file on my phone and tell kodi go play this. And if the phone and kodi box have the same smb paths/sources configured it should work right?

If you have a source inside Kodi pointing to your SMB server then you can browse it from inside Yatse via Kodi and play where you want.

You might want to take a little time to read Wiki • Yatse: Kodi remote control and cast :slight_smile: There’s everything about using Yatse, the left menu, file mode and much more.

I am going to do that. Thank you. There is a lot to read and I have been reading (probably on the wrong place) but this sounds exactly like what I like to do with yatse so I am going to invest time in this.

Thank you very much for you help.



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