Button on the remote to switch between Bluetooth and HDMI audio


I use Kodi to watch movies with a group of friends and family and personally as well. So I have to switch between speakers connected to my TV and my Bluetooth earpphones. And it is a tiresome process to go to settings and change audio device. I added JSON RPC commands in my Yatse remote to do the same.



But the issue with this is that there is no way you can verify without playing a media file and listening through the desired audio device.

If there was a label on the Yatse Remote that indicates the active audio device that could make the whole process a lot easier. You can add these JSON RPC commands by default in Yatse or have a dedicated button to toggle between the two.


More integration in Yatse is not planned as it’s way too specific usage and OS / hardware dependent.

Next version of Yatse have an option for http custom commands to display the result. So you could create an http custom command to get current Kodi settings and display the result.


I am not familiar with http custom commands, but if will be a way to display the response then it would work well for this purpose. Is there a way I can see the results of the JSON RPC commands on Yatse?


No you’ll need to create an http one but it’s simple and the result will be shown in Yatse.