Bult-in number keypad buttons issue with KODI v18 RC2

I’m frequently using Yatse’s bult-in number keypad. After I’ve upgraded from KODI v17.6 to v18 RC2, the “OK” button of the number keypad doen’t work anymore, which is quite annoying, for exmaple when you’re watching a movie and want to go to a specific time by entering the hour, minute and second , but can’t jump to it because of the not working “OK” button.

Under KODI v17.6, all buttons of Yatse’s built-in number keypad (including “OK” and “Back”) did work properly…

Could you please fix it to work under KODI v18, too, please?

Thank you in advance!

Well I should not have anything to fix as Kodi have not changed anything in that regard.

But since you do not provide the asked logs for Yatse and Kodi I can’t tell you what is the issue.

Probably something that changed your Keymap during update. Please upload the asked logs, the template for issues is here for a reason.

Okay, sorry, here we go.

I started a movie and hit the buttons “2”, “0,” and “0” via the Yarse built-in number keypad in order to jump to the time position at 2 minutes (the numbers I entered appeared on the KODI screen), then I hit the “OK” button on the number keypad, and nothing happened.

kodi.log (410.5 KB)

debug.log (6.0 KB)debug-20181215_144802.zip (8.9 KB)

Ok so they effectively broke one more things in v18 :slight_smile: The list keeps growing, will be a fun release.
Rushing for Christmas release to get more donations for beers may not be a good idea :slight_smile:

I have found a workaround for the enter key, but there’s no one for backspace as it does not work from a keyboard too :’

Yeah, I agree with you, they introduced a lot of issues with v18 RC2…

But regarding the “Back” key, I have no problems, the “Keymap Editor” AddOn determined the keyID 61448 for it, so when you have the keymap.xml from the attached archive keymap.zip (225 Bytes)
in your KODI system, it is working fine!

It would be great if you could publish a new version of “Yatse” including your workaround for the “OK” button.

I do not publish version just for simple fix for a Kodi bug for a Kodi version that is still not final :wink:

Workaround will be in next version.