Bug: Time slider onhold behavior

Hey again…

This time I directly created a debug log :wink:
debug-20210315_024151.zip (4.2 KB)

If you do a long press on the time slider on following screen, you get this dialog:

Wrong on the screenshot is the slider position. I did long press at ~50% and after the dialog opens, the slider stays at this position.

Even worse, if you close the screens then:

See the “04:47” still stays at this position.

If I return to the screen, the slider position also still stays at this position. However the progress (time past) of the slider is at 01:28 of 9:56 (should be at the beginning, not in the middle).

Issue 1: Slider position wrong after on hold
Issue 2: Time looks like burned in and shown on other screens

Hope this is understandable and reproducible.


Congrats on your first perfect issue :slight_smile:

Issue 1 is normal and always was to avoid delay in normal seeking, it’s just more visible due to issue 2. (The dialog shows the actual current time not where you randomly long pressed).

Issue 2 Is a Google issue that I was able to repro will workaround.

This means you can fix it?

On hold on slider → release finger (without jumping video) OR dialog appears / close dialog (without jumping) → slider progress is corrected (depending on the video time - currently it is wrong, it stays at the on-hold position).

Since I have a hard to time to explain, example:

  1. progress of video at 20%: |—o--------------|
  2. on hold in the middle of the slider, then it looks like this: |---------o----------|
  3. after coming back from dialog OR after releasing the on hold, it should go back to the correct time/progress of video (20%): |—o--------------|