Bringing Yatse app in focus stops Kodi playback

Issue is intermittent but has happened, I think, since last Yatse app update.
Google pixel 5 controlling Kodi Nexus on Libreelec 10.

When something is playing, and Yatse is opened playback stops (sometimes). Usually it is when Yatse is open in the background then is put in focus to use as remote. Playback stops quickly.

Logs attached.from Yatse and Kodi, sorry if they are large, as the issue is difficult to reproduce on cue, as is intermittent.
Thanks. (1.0 MB) (53.0 KB)

2023-11-03 20:44:37.193 T:ApiReceiver 
API call: tv.yatse.api.MEDIA_COMMAND - SOURCE : ntf_dismiss
- COMMAND : stop

Your device dismiss the notification and send the command even if it’s not done by you …

The best part is that Android 14 is not even supposed to show the notification.

Are you using the official Google ROM or something else?

Just the stock Google ROM.

Strange no issue on P6 and P8.

Will disable that on Android 13 since it’s not supposed to be used by Android anyway.

Have the same Issue/Behavior on a Pixel 6 with android 14 since some weeks now, maybe aligns with the android 14 update -
is a bit annoying, if required for the additional device I can get a log next time it happens (from desc: yatse log should be enough right?)

No need I’ve updated my P6 to A14 and this was reproduced.

Another nice Google bug, waiting for Tasker release to be in prod so I can update the tasker plugin to no more need a perm before pushing the fix.
Another Google stupid thing :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks (also for the fast response time :slight_smile: )