Bring the app to LG Content Store (webOS)

I recently adquired an LG TV and I wasn’t able to find Yatse in the store, so I come here to ask for it.
I know I can cast from Yatse to the TV but when I do I can’t select any subtitle. That’s a known problem with WebOS and LG currently is doing nothing about it, the only way to play any video with subtitles is having an srt file next to the video file which I don’t have because I mux all the subs into the mkv and also use sup files.
So I guess with an app it would be more “compatible”, right?
Is there any plans to bring it there?


Sorry won’t happens, Yatse is not a player and webOs is like 0,00001% of possible user base :slight_smile:

Damn, thanks anyways, I hope more webOS users chime in to stimulate you :sweat_smile:

I have an LG Webos tv, best thing to is to get a Raspberry Pi or a Fire Stick to run Kodi alongside the TV.