Bookmark to a specific point of a movie


At first I want to say a big THX to you, because you made really good job with Yatse app!

And now my idea:
Everybody has favorite movie parts and would be nice to navigate there like a bookmark.
Use case: There is a funny moment in my favorite movie and I want to save that point into my “Funny moments” list as “Deadpool funny part”. Next time I would like to see that funny moment so I select this bookmark from my list and KODI jumps there.

Is it possible?

All the best,

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If Kodi had added the api to access those to JSON it would be possible :slight_smile:

For the moment it’s not sorry.

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This request sounds really interesting… I don’t know if Yatse, as a very important “partner” of Kodi (at least this is how I see you :slightly_smiling_face:), could push Kodi to add this functionality in their API.

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A small part of Kodi Team hates me for telling them the truth :slight_smile:

I did contribute a lot to Kodi and before would have coded that part myself, but was banned because some “people” were too pride to see the reality.