Better handling of multi-disc releases

I have many albums that are 2,3,4 or more CDs. When Yatse reads the tags it is not aware of the disc number. If I have a three CD album then I will see tracks ordered as follows:

Disc 1, Track 1
Disc 2, Track 1
Disc 3, Track 1
Disc 1, Track 2
Disc 2, Track 2
Disc 3, Track 2

These are FLAC files with standard vorbis tags from Picard and\or MP3TAG. ID3v2.4

To fix this I have to manually change track numbers to 101, 102, 103, 201, 202, 203, etc

Please read the DISCNUMBER tag and make use of it when sorting the tracks for an album.

Yatse does not read tags :slight_smile:

What provider are you using?

This is on an Android phone. No provider. Just me playing my FLACs on the phone using Yatse as the media player.

Well Android is the provider :wink:

And it read Android MediaStore that is supposed to support those tags but maybe not in flac.

Can you provide one of those files to try to reproduce but not much Yatse can do here. Because as said I do not parse the tags.

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I can send you some music, but it is easy to do. Just take some tracks and add “Discnumber” = 2 in any tagger.

But I now understand that Yatse is limited by the junk that Android feeds. I already have that Android messing with my artwork. :upside_down_face: Editing track numbers is not too much of a problem for me.

I’ll find an album I can drop on WeTransfer and will add PM you a link… Link PM’d of a test example.

Now I know I can blame the phone this is not a problem. I just have to remember to renumber the tags. I manually copy music to the phone anyway.

On my device Android properly extract the disc value.

And for the record to more motivation to update your phone how it looks in Symfonium

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