Better display of User Ratings for Music


It would be nice if the user ratings for music files would be displayed differently / more prominent, because currently they’re really hard to see: yatse-music-ratings hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB.

I think a good idea would be using what the Kore app uses for movies (shows the rating as stars: kore-movies hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB)
It could be an additional option if you don’t want to change it for everyone, but I think it would definitely be an improvement.

Thanks for considering,


I don’t really want to add an option just for that and there was complain that it was too visible before :frowning:

I can probably try to improve contrast.

For the record for music only you might want to check Symfonium .

Thank you for your response and that you considered it!

Okay, I see, altough I can’t really imagine that it can be “too visible” (Can’t ratings display be disabled?) but I guess better contrast is still an improvement over current state :slight_smile:

I use Yatse/Kodi for multimedia, not just music, and I would like to avoid having more apps just to control my media center.

Thanks again and regards,