Basic auth support

I’d like to see HTTP Basic Auth support under the connection options. I have my Jellyfin server behind nginx with basic auth as an additional security step and this seems to be a common practice in the jellyfin community -and probably in other communities too- since Basic Auth is supported on both the android client and the kodi plugin.

Let me know if I can help push this fwd somehow.


Sorry but this is a very rare combination that no one asked in 8 years :wink:

I have no plans to support that as this would require major changes and induce support complexity to properly handle where the authentication errors occurs.

Interesting! I 's under the impression that this a very common setup and that it’s makes sense so one can hide the existence of a jellyfin / plex / kodi instance. Too bad that’s not the case.

Thanks for the prompt reply Tolriq and for your all the time you spend on Yatse. :beer:

Just use a different port and/or hide under a subfolder (Yatse support it when editing host) this is much more common and so was added :wink: