Backing Bug in Movies List

Using the latest Yatse version (10.6.5/71108168) on two phones (pixel5 and redmi note, both paid versions) and there is the same bug:

Go to Movies, scroll down in the Small Grid list and click on a tile to see its details. If you go back, the list is exactly at the same scrolling position like before (lets say, e.g. on top right there is the tile of Titanic).
So far so good.
If you scroll further done now, enter to another movie’s detail page and you click back again, the restored position within the list is the same like before (Titanic on top right). From now on, it doesn’t matter which tile you enter, on “back” always the first remembered position is restored (Titanic top left).

Hopefully you can reproduce this. If not I could prepare some logs in the next days…


I usually always needs logs as the template says :wink: Tons of time gained.

Anyway was able to repro will be fixed in next version.

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