Background Synchronization Server

I’m currently trying the trial, and I have a total of 6 servers that I can connect to, 4 of them are Plex, one is a Jellyfin server and the final is an Emby server. I find that it only does synchronization when I switch to a server, but it tells me background synchronization, but it doesn’t tell me where it is in that sync, nor which server it’s synchronizing on, if it’s doing it on multiple sources, it would be nice to know that too

Things are queued and can be mixed depending on your actions showing what is synced right now have 0 impact on what will be next.

Is there anywhere in the interface that shows you what’s in the sync queue?

No it’s usually pretty fast. What is the need ?
The syncs are too slow for some stuff?

I’m doing my initial setup and like I said, I’ve got 6 servers, moving around the app I’m getting a bunch of empty screens, and in this screenshot, you can say that the background sync started at 12:22, but it’s currently 1:24…syncing for over an hour…syncing what?

the only way to get rid of the notification at this point is to force close the app…if I do that it goes away, but breaks what in the app?..

Ok so yes there’s an issue this is way too long :frowning: and not normal at all.

Yatse fully recovers from nearly all situations you can kill without risks.

I would love if you can provide logs so I can see if there’s a bug?