Automatically select host

An additional option for Yatse to automatically select the host based on connection type, for example:

WiFi* = host 1 (kodi)
Cellular = host 2 (jellyfin)

*if possible, allowing the user to specify the Wi-Fi network name to direct the switching, i.e. Yatse would automatically switch to a specific host when connected to a specific WiFi network (in this case host 1). If not connected to a WiFi network specified on any host, then yatse switches to a previously chosen default host (in this case host 2).

This would be an excellent feature for convenience. Currently, I have to manually change the host to kodi if in the house or jellyfin if out of the house. I think my idea would also work if multiple hosts on multiple WiFi networks.

Sorry no plans for that, Google have restricted access to Wifi SSID + many performance / battery impact to do that.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
Just discovered this can be done with Tasker App thanks to your Tasker plugin. Works perfectly.