Automatically pause media downloads when disconnected from WiFi

Currently once downloads are started they can only be paused manually (per file) using the download manager. This is a problematic when, for example, downloading multiple albums of FLAC music (with many files and a large size) particularly if the WiFi connection is lost - if you do not have an unlimited cellular data plan this eats it up quickly!

An option “Only download on WiFi” would help with this. Also it would be helpful to have an option in the download manager to “pause all downloads” and “resume all downloads”. In other words, not unlike Plex’s own Sync function - except better because it’s Yatse so it actually works! :smile:

Next version will have pause all / resume all :wink: (With queue being lost if your Android kills Yatse)

For the rest as explained by mail, it will be longer as much more complex to implement that correctly and survive Android kills.

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8.6.0 will have the wifi only and pause option.

But be aware that if Yatse is being killed the queue will be lost.

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