Automatic Sync with Images per Host

Hi! Not sure, if this makes sense, everything is open for discussion :slight_smile:

I’d like to have two flags per host in the host manager:

  • automatically sync meta-data when host is online and after a certain time of not having synced and
  • automatically sync fanart + posters after syncing meta-data

if flag 1 is not set, syncing would only happen after long-pressing e.g. music or whatever in the movie / tvshow / music list
if flag 2 is set, that would mean, Yatse would automatically do the sync fanart / poster images from the advanced library settings after syncing. for auto-sync, after auto-sync, for manual-sync after manual-sync.

I hope, this makes sense, it would make my life much easier. Thanks!

For the record sync is already automatic as soon as you navigate to the library parts.