Automatic refresh of program guide

I miss some settings for automatic refresh of program guide in list of channels. I can only do the refresh manually. Did I miss something?

It’s refreshed each time you open the screen, the calls are very costly and slow so are not repeated every x seconds for no reasons.

Yes, but you need to close and open the app for refresh or do it manually by swipe down or through 3 dots refresh. When you left app open, device locks itself, after unlock screen, the information on the screen may not be correct. I would prefer to set it to 1/2/5 minutes while the app is open, I don’t need it in seconds… I use Tvheadend client too and it works in automatic, I know it is meant to use for something else, but it would be nice to have that option. (Even disabled in default)

That would not change a thing, when the screen is locked Yatse would stop refreshing too. And if you had to wait 5 minutes after what’s the point, just swipe down.
I honestly don’t think this is worth it as the ROI is not here, sorry.

Swipe works only on top of list, if you have 120 channels and you are at the end of list, it is not so comfortable. I agree, 5 minutes is a lot. When I read EPG for so many channels, it takes some time… It was just an idea, I don’t expect anything, I supported you and will use the app anyway :wink:

Well then 3 dots refresh :wink: Again sorry but really much more troubles than solutions by implementing this.