Automatic host switch


I’m using Yatse to control my kodi@home and kodi@caravan. Both places have there own WiFi network but I have to switch the host manual every time. It would be a really nice feature if Yatse could switch the active host automatically depending on the connected WiFi.


Google have decided that wifi SSID requires précise location permission.

This does not fit a Kodi remote so can’t support that.

There’s an API that you can use from tasker or automate

Is there no other possibility which is accessible with the current permission set? Like the device IP or ping the remote IP of the gateway or the kodi device? I can easily change the IP range, e.g. of home Wifi to 192.168.1.x and Caravan to 192.168.2.x.

If not another question would be if you could simplify host switching. Currently it takes three actions:

  1. Click Hamburger button
  2. Open drop-down menu
  3. Click Host

What about e.g. swipe up and down on host display name in top bar or add an arrow up/down between host titel and power button?

Long press the media center name in the top bar.

But I have just given you the solution to automate this without any hassle …