Auto refresh unfinished movies


It would be great that the unfinished movies in the overview section can auto refresh rather than to manually swipe down to update the time left of movies watching or mark movies as watched.
Perhaps a possibility to do this every minute in the background, or when the user press pause or stop, then it is really necessary to update.
That would be really great for my kids, that don’t think on a manual swipe down to refresh.

It’s already the case, any media started from Yatse will be automatically updated a few seconds / minutes after.

And opening a media info screen trigger the sync too.

I believe you that it’s already the case. But I found out that it doesn’t work.
If I don’t do a swipe down the resume point will not be updated.
For example, start new movie, watch 15 min. Press stop, go to unfinished movies in overview will not show that unfinished movie unless I swipe down.
Next continue playing movie from 15 min. to 40 min. Press stop and closing app, reopening app, going to unwatched movies in overview will show the movie can be resumed at 15 min. Only when I swipe down then it will show it can be resumed at 40 min.
I remember to swipe down before resuming, but my kids always forget to do that and then they say to me that wasn’t the point where they stopped watching the movie the last time.
Maybe I have to tweak a setting to have it work properly?

Well as written almost everywhere :slight_smile:

Anyway as I said you need to wait a few seconds or minutes for the resume point to be updated on that device.
If you force close the app it can take longer :wink:

And as said too, no need to refresh all the movies, click the movie to get to the info view it will also refresh in that case automatically (with a delay between attempts of course).

So maybe you are just impatient and want to stop and resume instantly?

I’m not that impatient (I guess)

But it really doesn’t update within seconds or a minute, I haven’t waited more minutes, because that’s a bit sad if you want to resume the movie. Swipe down is the only option then.
I will look into the link you provided me to reproduce it.
Maybe you will see something in the logs?

Reproduced it, mailed the debug log.
Many thanks for the fast replies!

(off topic) By the way I would also want to keep yatse ads free, and I’m willing to pay a monthly subscription for it if you found it necessary to maintain Yatse.
Your app is so good, so intuitive, so customizable and so important for all family members. It’s THE Kodi remote.

That ‘problem’ also occur when stopping a movie on tablet 1, opening yatse on tablet 2, going to unfinished movies in overview will never update the resume point until manually swiping down

Last part is totally normal as Yatse have no way to know what you played with tablet 1 and Kodi have no proper database handling.

Just click on the movie to have it’s details shown and it will update.

And your logs are also special, you did not really play the media, you started it, seek then quickly stopped :wink:

Yatse have delays to avoid to many syncs, so under 2 minutes it’s the same no syncs.

You are all in special cases here and not really normal usage. Yatse is made for efficiency and battery optimization.

But if a refresh is triggered (instead of manually swiping down to refresh) when viewing the overview page with the unfinished movies could solve both ‘issues’ at once, I guess.
So all devices will get directly the most actual resume status, because a swipe down instantly refreshes to the correct resume point. If that could be done automatically when viewing the overview page, would be awesome.

Ask Kodi to properly support differential database sync :wink:

I can’t do a full movie sync each time you open the overview screen, you’d just use a tons of battery for no purpose.

Yatse have no way to know what you have played, Kodi offers no way to properly list things for differential sync, so only solution for your need is full sync each time something that I won’t do.

If you click on the movie to have it’s details a sync of that movie is done, and solve your issue, if you correctly play from Yatse then sync works too. Every possible cases are handled, the rest is not possible in an efficient way.

I indeed went forwarded, just to quickly go to another time then when started, but that doesn’t change the fact the resume point didn’t updated on the overview page. Normal viewing a movie for let’s say twenty minutes will give the same result.

No it won’t, if it’s started from Yatse is will be synced 10 seconds after stop playing if you have started the media at least 2 minutes before the stop.

Those values are because Kodi API is limited and when you start a media it can takes times to actually start + after the stop it can take time for Kodi to update it’s internal DB so that when Yatse sync the correct data is returned.

OK, I fully understand it, I’m a special case :smiley:
We all at home have to remember just to swipe to refresh it. We all resume movies from the unfinished movies page.
Many thanks for the explanation !

Just click the movie in that page instead of pressing the 3 dots to open detail screen it will sync just that movie as said 10 times :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, I will try to do that. Hard to change a habit :smiley:
Again many thanks for the decent explanation.