Audio streaming to phone Headset

Sorry new. I bought and setup with Kodi a Roku to set how it works. Not bad I have both worlds now. The big thing I would like to have is the ability to stream the audio to my phone headset so I can watch with kodi and not get yelled at because Gf wants to nap. Roku streams the audio right to my phone. Please can you install this feature. …

It’s not possible to stream only audio in Sync from Kodi.

If you stream to Roku then you can use the audio plug in the Roku physical remote for that no?

I’m not sure the Roku API allows that for external apps.

Hey I came here to post a similar request. I have an android box and listen over Bluetooth to my headphones, but when I watch the projector from outside on my balcony I lose range. It would be great if the audio track of the file could be streamed to my phone and my Bluetooth from my phone could take over audio transmission. Steam audio over WiFi to phone, and phone Bluetooth to my headset.

Based on your response that’s not possible. Or atleast not easy. The audio offset may need to be tweeked manually but I wouldn’t mind, would be nice to have the option.