Assign http commands to default remote

Is there any way to assign custom http commands for power, volume and mute to the default remote control for each kodi instance?

I have two kodi installations each one with differents http commands for power, volume etc. I’m trying to assign http commands to remote control for each host but if defining, for example the power button, removes the assigned setting from the other host.

Is there any way to acheive this? Any help would be of great help!


This is not possible sorry.

To handle volume per host you need to use Yatse AV receiver plugins.

It’s easy to write a new one

For power best is to start a script present on all Kodi with each one that will trigger it’s own action.

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Hi Tolriq,

Unfortunately my devices isn’t wifi enabled, I am using broadlink’s rm devices + broadlink-http-rest for acheiving this, so writing a plugin isnt a option, my http commands are too specific for my home devices.

It would be so more easier and pratical if I can assign http commands per host, Yatse already do this with other types of commands like kodi’s “subtitle search”.

Can I ask you to do this as a new feature?


Just to be clear:

If you can send a command via http custom command you can write a Yatse plugin since they have access to the exact same things and network :wink: You may want check again that link.

And if Yatse can send http commands to X and to Kodi then unless you have a firewall that you could configure, Kodi can also send http commands to X :wink:

And no Yatse does not do that, what it does is separating custom commands by API type. So if you have 2 host with 2 different Kodi versions they will have 2 different custom commands when created, since the API level is tied to Kodi level and the custom commands are talking to Kodi API, all makes sense to keep them aligned.

I’m not relaying on Kodi’s API for anything just trying to use an feature Yaste already have, the “http command plugin”. I would like to assign power, volume up, volume down and volume mute to the default remote control but per host. This is already possible but just for one host only.

Just to give you an example:

To watch something in my living room I have to: Turn on my amplifier switch to hdmi input 2 than turn on my tv, switch to hdmi 4 and than start kodi (windows host) this is tied to this command http://broadlinkhttprest-host/RMPROPLUS/kodistart

To watch something in my bedroom I have to: Turn on my tv, switch to hdmi 2 kodi is already started (linux host) this is tied to this command http://broadlinkhttprest-host/RMMINI/kodistart

I have similar commands for volume up, down and mute too. Sorry if I couldn’t make myself understandable, unfortunately english isn’t my native language.

Thank you

It was clear and as I said not possible and not planned as would complexify a lot everything for all users for a very special use case.

You can write a Yatse plugin easily that send the custom commands or call http page you want to manage volume / mute per host. This is what the plugin interface is made for.

For power there’s currently no way to achieve your needs but for 2 hosts, having 2 custom commands is not that much a trouble.

Ok. Thank you for your time.