Artist sort order case sensitive? How to change?

Be sure to read to provide necessary logs and information.

Issue description:
Yatse is displaying the artists in A-Z starting with capital letters and afterwards A-Z with a lowercase letters. I couldn’t find an option to ignore case sensitive writing. Is this possible or do I have to edit all the lowercase artists?



Additional information:
I am using the current Android version of yatse


No log log chocolate :slight_smile:

All depends on your OS, there’s a setings in library / expert named Use ASCII sort for that purpose.

OS is Android (Lineage 14.1 exactly). The option was already set (I think by default?). Ticking it off and on again worked. The same for the “ignore article (the, der, die, das,etc)”. But with this I still have some problems, one single Band is still not sorted properly (“Die Ärzte”).

Any steps to debug this? Will the sorting be included in the standard logs?

Logs are always mandatory :wink:

The option default value depends on Android version too :wink:

Ignore article behaviour depends on Kodi versions too, so please provide the asked logs? :slight_smile:
There’s a template for a reason, make everyone gain a tons of time.