Any way to have yatse be just a remote control for jellyfin?

…as opposed to a full-fledged jellyfin client. I’m concerned only with audio at the moment, if that matters.

My jellyfin is on the same computer where I play audio through, but what happens now if I connect yatse to it is that the media is played on my phone… very much not what I want.

Using yatse to control kodi on the same box does just what I want, but I’m intersted in migrating to jellyfin.

Jellyfin is a server there’s nothing to remote control.

Yatse can cast from Jellyfin to many clients including Kodi not sure to understand your need.

Sure, I understand jellyfin is a server, so maybe my question is better phrased another way – is there a way for yatse to control a jellyfin client? My client would on the system I play audio through (server could be anywhere of course).

What I want to do is just control jellyfin rather than kodi, but have media played on same device that kodi plays it.

There’s no proper API to control Jellyfin client. And there’s better clients then Jellyfin client.
If you have Kodi on that device, why not play to Kodi from Jellyfin via Yatse as it’s intended to be.

What Jellyfin client do you want to be running on that device that would be a better fit than Kodi or some other upnp client?

Thanks for your response… any particular jellyfin clients to recommend?
I’m new to it, and trying to get away from kodi because of its tendency to duplicate entries in its database. I’d be happy to stay with it if not for this.

You just need a player, Kodi can be a player, Wiki • Yatse: Kodi remote control and cast explain how to use Yatse to connect to your Jellyfin server and play on any renderer.

See also Yatse: Cast - YouTube

There’s no need to remote control to play things it’s faster to directly use Yatse.

Thanks, that’s awesome! I’m new to the idea of the player being a separate program.

While it’s nice to know this is possible, it does seem to have drawbacks.
I expect I’ll have questions on this later, but perhaps I just need to understand the whole scenario better.