Android widget with custom commands

Is there any way to add custom commands to the yatse android widget? There is so much room on the widget so it would be a shame if you couldn’t do that… From my home screen I would have the ultimate remote control, love this app so much.

Sorry but not possible, there’s more places because you made the widget bigger :wink:

Yatse have an API that allows you to build any widget you want from widget making apps that are dedicated for that purpose and will always be better that what Yatse could do.

Thank you for your respons, I discovered there’s also a yatse plugin for tasker. This is pure genius, I have no other words for it, I can’t even comprehend how many possibilities there are now. I started by making tasks in tasker to start a custom command and made tasker widgets on my home screen. Now I can control my onkyo receiver and use kodi commands from my home screen :smiley:
This is by far my favorite app on android, thank you for making it!

Glad you made it, there’s just 2 very very awful icons in that screen :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that’s true, the backdrop isn’t helping either, I’ve downloaded an icon pack for tasker but they were godawful too… Eh the least of my worries I guess. Time to make a smarthome with Yatse and Tasker!! :smile:

Hi, I think I made some great progress! I’ve downloaded some tasker apps like autonotification and made my lockscreen look like this