Android Auto: transcoding issue

Scenario: cellular 4G connection, streaming transcoded audio (flac > mp3) from Jellyfin to Yatse (using Android Auto interface).

Expected behaviour: Yatse detects that on cellular connection, requests transcoding from jellyfin as per the Cellular Music Bitrate setting selected in Yatse. Jellyfin returns the transcoded audio stream.

Issue: If Yatse app has not been started by the user before Android Auto, no transcoding takes place. The user must remember to open Yatse app before using android auto otherwise it will burn through their mobile data allowance.

To reproduce: force close Yatse, open android auto and play flac music. High volume of data will be consumed and no transcoding log on jellyfin.

Please provide logs reproducing the issue.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve sent the logs by email good luck.

Thanks it was due to a small race condition as there’s no UI.

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