Android Auto Playlist Always starts w/ the 1st Song

Issue description: Not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but I noticed that when I play any yatse playlist (I only have smart playlists if that matters) using Android Auto, the playlist always starts shuffling the songs in the playlist starting with the 1st song listed in the playlist, rather than randomly selecting the 1st song.

Logs: I don’t have logs, but can grab them next time in the car if needed.

Screenshots: N/A

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I always need logs there’s way too many settings, playlist creation params to even try to reproduce.

Sure thing - see attached (18.7 KB)

If you want to always play the songs randomly you should set the smart playlist order to random.

Since playlist are ordered, starting it with shuffle can have different results depending on the player, as there’s no guarantee what happens first.

Well the issue is that when not using AA, I want to be able to pick the song that plays (and then have the rest of the playlist shuffled). However, since AA doesn’t let you pick a song, it just plays the playlist, it seems odd that it always has to start with song 1 and then shuffle, rather than just shuffle from the get go.

This questions works for your other use case :wink:

Why would it be strange from AA but not your case?

Renderer status is independent of what you play. Both case are the same start playlist at a position. Then if the renderer is shuffled it decide the next track.
Else you could not start a playlist from position 0 if that would mean random start position.

Thanks for the info - I guess it doesn’t make sense to me why Google would treat playlists inside AA the same as outside AA (i.e. AA should be a random shuffle, since they don’t let you pick a song from a playlist in AA).