Android Auto not able to open album folder (PLEX and KODI)

I activated both Plex and Kodi as a media center and with the latest releases by entering AA the “Album” folder goes into spinning cirle.
I think it can be fixed in a short time unlike Plex …

debug.log (600.1 KB)

You have too much albums AA recent version have some issues with large lists :’(

OMG but they loaded up to 4 days ago … your app had no problems in this in unsuspected times …

And strangely Android Auto was updated during that time :slight_smile:

I have not changed anything about AA since ages. Only added a new entry that have 0 impact on the rest .

I think this is the biggest free promotion for Carplay … you should evaluate an iOS version

So is not like this?

GREAT WORK REALLY :clap: :clap: :clap:

now … just a little problem with the paused song :thinking:

@ussalin For the last time stop posting random things everywhere and open proper issues with proper logs and description.

Thanks for your collaboration …

You can take your … and put it where the sun does not shine you know :slight_smile:

I even added a new option in last beta for large list to workaround your large list issue that is an Android Auto bug and not Yatse related.

The least you can do is read the forum rules and provide the necessary logs instead of such stupid comment don’t you think?

You post a random comment that is not even understandable in an unrelated post, then link that post in another completely unrelated post with a comment that is not even related to the content of the linked post. And it’s been like that since you joined this forum.

At some point you may want to reconsider things don’t you think?

In all cases this is the very last warning, next time I’ll block your account so I have time to help other users and not try to guess what you want / mean.