Android 8 suport

I have android 8 on store i got that yaste is not compatible??

With so much information it’s quite hard to help you know :slight_smile:

I do not control what most of the Play Store does, you do not give your phone model, your country or anything.
I can suppose you live in one of the 3 Arabic countries I disabled on Play Store due to abuse of bad ratings

I have moto phone woth anroid 8 and living in jordan . .

I already purchase your app before two year how i can install it now

Moto g6 android 8.0.0

Done thanks . But can you unlock my country as i like to got auto update when new release . .

As i very like and depend on your app

Sorry but no as your country is one of the rare country that generate only bad ratings from users that do not understand the description as not in their language and 0 purchases.

:slight_smile: make sense . . . No pronlem and good luck . . Good job keep going . .