Android 8 - Rescan Media?

Android 8.1 on a Blackberry phone. Have been using Yatse to play local media from the SD Card for many months without troubles. Then last week all the media in the library had gone.

How do I get the Google device to rescan the media? From reading other support notes it is clear the Google device has lost track of what music is on the SD Card.

  • I have tried, clearing the CACHE for the Media Storage.
  • Other apps seem to fail to recognise the music on the SD Card, so not a Yatse issue.
  • Yatse can play the music in File mode.
  • I have attached to PC and deleted then added new music.
  • Rebooted phone.
  • Installed a (random) SD Scanner from Playstore.
  • Rebooted again

Still no joy.

I realise this is an Android issue, and not specific to Yatse. But I please ask the experts for assistance to get my music back into the Local Media library in Yatse.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

(I have a couple of licences registered to a different email address. The copy on the phone is also a PRO version.)

Thank you, that is what I have already tried. But no changed. I followed those instructions before as I found them on a different post in this forum. I used a slightly different app first time. I have tried them again now a couple of times, with this new recommended app, but has led to zero music still.

It finds the photos on the SD Card fine, and the few bits of audio on the main phone, but none of my music. The music is all FLAC and hasn’t changed position since it was last working.

Any other suggestions what I can do to nudge this into operating again? Could it be that I am storing too many photos on there? This phone is fairly empty apart from photos and music.

Sorry no idea and way out of Yatse support scope :frowning:

Thanks anyway. At least I know it is not a common problem. Just frustrating being deprived of my music. It is weird as the KODI app on the phone can still see and play the music from the SD card from the KODI library on the phone.

I’m an IT Guy and find it frustrating at these “safety” features that mean an app like yours can’t do something “simple” like rescan the music itself. Instead having to rely on the Google Library mess that is now misfiring.

If I find an answer, and can get your App back again, I’ll come back and post in here. I’m missing your excellent app already. :frowning:

An update as promised.

The solution: some how a .nomedia file had appeared in the root of the Music folder on the SD Card! Delete that, kick the rescans, wipe the database, kick the rescan again, wait ages… and then start Yatse and ask for a rescan.


What puzzles me is how that file appeared. But I’ll never answer that, and don’t really care. Having full use of Yatse again is all I care about.

So if anyone else reads this post puzzles - use a File Manager (or connect to a PC) to check the root of the Music folder for a .nomedia file and delete it.