Alternate Host/Port on specific WiFi SSID

I have a suggestion, can host definitions have a secondary host & port setting if the device is connected to a specific WiFi network?

I stream from my home Kodi setup both in my house, and when I’m away (with port forwarding etc on my router). To do this, at present I have 2 hosts setup in Yatse - 1 with my local IP and port for when I’m at home, and another using my forwarded port and DynamicDNS hostname. Due to this, I effectively have 2 different servers in Yatse, which have to update independently.

Could there be an extra setting for a host, so that when the device is connected to a particular WifI SSID, it can resolve the connection using a different host and port? Then I would only need to have 1 server setup in Yatse, and it would work regardless if I am at home or out and about, and save having to refresh thedl databslase so often for each.

This function is in the Transdroid torrent control software, and is super helpful - I wish it was implemented in more software.

This is not possible due to Android that now requires insane permissions to read the SSID. I do not want to ask for location permission to users this sounds crazy and intrusive, even if I don’t use that permission for that.

What most people do when their router does not support reentrant NAT (most do) is use DNS entries to have the external name resolved to the internal IP when at home.

Fair enough, that is a good reason! My router does not pay nice with looking back… Guess I’ll stick with 2 servers for now . I was thinking of setting up a PiHole,I add that to my DNS list when I set that up.