Alexa says "Invalid Request" for "pause". "resume" does not work

Yatse works great, the voice control on Alexa is (almost) great as well! Awesome work!
It is kind of slow, but that’s ok - there are lot of moving parts.
It works perfectly when saying: “ask [name of media player] to play music by [artist]”.

However, I cannot figure out how to pause / resume playback through Alexa.
Whenever I say: “ask [name of media player] to pause” Alexa just says: “invalid request”. There is nothing in the debug logs of the Yatse app or in the voice assistant plug-in logs. The same for “ask [name of media player] to resume”.

When I say: “ask [name of media player] to resume playing” I see the command coming in in the voice assistant plug-in, but it seems to just start the last played video, not whatever was last playing - for example, if I was just listening to music I would expect the “resume playing” to resume playback of that music, not the last video. Sometimes “resume playing” does not do anything at all, although Alexa says “command sent”.
Also wondering why I need to say: “resume playing” and why not just “resume”. Same for pause: why do we have to say: “pause playback” for pause to work?

I tried collecting logs of all of this in Yatse, but the logs are empty / not created. The application logs from the voice assistant plugin are attached: debug.log (14.4 KB)

You are facing Alexa issues, for unknown reasons even with the proper keyword it intercept the commands and think it’s for other things and so it never reach Yatse.
Only workaround is to use longer sentences to have the command reach Yatse.

About resume playing this is the standard command to continue watching the last video so it does what it’s supposed to do :slight_smile:

You can use for example unpause media to resume and avoid Alexa bug.

Thanks, I’ll try this. I doubt it is an Alexa bug as when I try this in the Alexa skill Dev console it behaves the same by the way. Also, it does seem to reach the addon, so I doubt it is an Alexa bug at all. Leaves me wondering why yatse would not just respond to pause and resume.

Read better the dev console logs :wink: The command is never sent to Yatse server so Yatse can’t answer anything as it’s not involved.

OK that makes sense, thanks

Hello, i’m in the same boat, pause works fine here but “stop” only gets an invalid request. Did you manage to solve the issue ?

I’m rather disappointed, i was using a couple other skills to control kodi with alexa but both have not been updated since Matrix and i was looking forward to another simple solution.

Open a new proper issue with logs :slight_smile: