Album Artwork from Emby

Yatse cant seem to retrieve album artwork from Emby server. On Emby, album artwork displays fine. But when I pull down to sync with Emby server nothing happens. There is only 3 album artwork. The rest is blank.

Thanks for any help. (3.7 MB)

Please show a screenshot and confirm the albums that works and those who don’t.

Thanks for your quick reply. Here are some shots:

Out of 100 or so albums only about 4 show. But as mentioned on Emby they all display correctly.

Thanks again!

Just to add to this. All the folders have either a folder.jpg or cover.jpg or embedded artwork.

And one more thing. When you tap a blank album cover all the artwork is inside.

Yes made a change that I did not backport to Yatse will fix.

If you are in music you might want to test Symfonium my other app dedicated to that.


Is there a version I could try with your fix?


Well not yet no … It will be on Play Store when it’s ready.

Ok no problem and I will wait. Thanks!