Album artist shown instead of track artist when playing various artist albums

When playing various artist albums, the player shows only album artist and not track artist. Also if you select the info button. Only when viewing the playlist track artists are shown.
I compared this with other remote software like Kore or Music Pump Kodi Remote, these show the track artist.
So how to configure yatse to show track artist when playing various artist albums?

Well I’d need logs to know what Kodi returns in your cases.

But Yatse does not use album artist but display artist and if not present the real artists, as well if there’s a displayartist field it’s what should be displayed :slight_smile:

Attached the debug.log.
I chose one va album, first song is: “album”:“La Vraie Vie, une sélection de chansons par Ignatus”,“albumartist”:[“La Souterraine”],“artist”:[“Bruit Noir”]
You see all information is existing, but the player shows “La Souterraine” and not “Bruit Noir”
Hope this helps.
Thank you (20.1 KB)

Actually it’s a little more complex than that in Kodi world :slight_smile:

Now playing is showing the artist near the album and as such represents the album artist. I thought I used the display artists in those cases too, but seems only in the library not now playing.

Next version will show display artist for songs and should more match what Kodi does. But it’s more a matter of choices than a basic “should” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your help :smiley: :+1: