Album art drawer minimizing when song changes or next track is selected

i’m sure there has to be a setting somewhere for this and it’s probably a simple fix, but when i have a playlist going in yatse through files>audiofiles>-playlists>playlistname and it’s playing on kodi.
On the phone i have the album art drawer maximized and the normal pause / play button, track forward and back buttons.
The album art drawer is maximized, but whenever the track changes or i select next track this screen collapses down and shows the main screen of yatse…I don’t want the screen to collapse while playing tracks. What is the setting to make it stop doing that?

If only there was a template you must fill when reporting issues :wink:

Be sure to read How to get debug information and open a proper issue to provide necessary logs and information.
Any issue without the logs can be automatically closed without further notice.

Issue description:

Logs: (Join files do not paste the content of the files here !)


Additional information:

I didn’t know it was an issue, but i can report it as a bug.

issue was reproduced and logs were sent to [email protected] ;;
Subject [Support]yatse logs -20230106_164158

Hum I do not see errors there except Kodi failing to answer, but Yatse should support that.

Can you make a video so I can see exactly what happens?

recording sent to [email protected]

Hum nothing received it was probably too big :frowning:

yeah, it was, I created a youtube video for it

Wow, ok so really does not make sense as it’s not even animated and it properly show the next song before doing it … :frowning:

Can you export your settings (Just the settings not the rest) and upload the file or send by mail with the password? Maybe it’s a strange combination of options.

settings file

Well no still no way to reproduce at all :frowning: Does not make sense as long as something is playing on Kodi the now playing should not be reduced.

Does it happen when playing not via that mode ? like a normal album? Is that playlist special? Like xsp or pointing to remote files or slow source?

I just tried going to Music>Artists>artistname>Play>Play random (All) and i seem to get the same behavior…only intermittently. The first 2 track changes were fine, the 3rd track change minimized.

Can you provide logs when playing in that way, logs must contains a case where it worked and one where it did not.
And either a video matching the log, or the name of the tracks before / after each cases to try to see if there’s a different in Kodi answers.

I just e-mailed the debug log with the name of a track while switching tracks. After trying it again this time i was able to reproduce it on using playlists, instead of a music artist

Well nothing makes sense :frowning:
Let’s hope next Google libraries updates fixes this for you, as I lack idea.