Adding custom commands to movie details

Hey there,

I wonder if it is somehow possible to add custom commands to a movie detail page, and/or to movie list context menu with ability to use movie details as payload

My usecase is adding/removing custom genres from within yatse.

Currently I would need to start a movie, then go to remote and start a custom command that executes a script which reads currently playing movie to retrieve file name and add/remove genre programmatically (editing nfo). Maybe there are easier ways tough haven’t found one.

Best, Max

Sorry but this is way out of Yatse scope and I really can’t think of normal usage for such need.

You script solution seems to be the simplest way to handle that.

Thanks for your quick response and I respect your opinion, even tough I think the possibility of adding custom detail menu items (positioned where we have the share link) would open a whole world of possibilities.

Whole world of tons of work to maintain for 0,00001% of users :wink:

Yatse is already by very far the most complete solution to address nearly all the needs, yet I can’t fit features that will be used by only 1 user :wink:

I totally agree, nobody wants to maintain things which only few ppl use and raises software complexity.
Keep up the great work, yatse has a perfect WAF!